an incomplete list of ways to die in a Thomas Kincade painting

digital video installation for bathroom

I consider this to be a posthumous collaboration with one of America's greatest painters

documented as displayed at the Fowler-Kellogg Art Center, Chautauqua, NY


experimental instagram

Inspired by the idea that an infinite amount of monkeys, typing on an infinite amount of typewriters, will inevitably transcribe Shakespeare, this Instagram project sought to remove all barriers from the creative process in hopes of producing genius. Whether or not this was successful is subjective as is Shakespeare.

Infinite Monkey Theorem can be found in its entirety here.

Infinite Monkey Theorem is currently on indefinite hiatus.

vicarious interiors

experimental intagram

Season one of an experimental soap opera, airing every weekday from Halloween to Christmas in 2017 ending in a psychedelic cliffhanger that still keeps audiences in suspense to this day...

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ex machinahhhh


Digital Video with Sound, Lawn Chairs, Faux Grass, Faux Flowers

when you are so bored that even divine intervention can’t save you

as installed at Ingenuity Fest Cleveland 2017

All The Stars Explode Tonight

Projected Digital Video, Fake Flowers, Stuffed Animals, Plastic Wrap, Glitter

Thesis Statement
Popular culture presents to us a representation of our own reality. In the world of pop, personal pain, vulnerability, and trauma are flattened into simplistic depictions. The heavily mediated imagery aestheticizes moments of real suffering, yet these images can still have a profound effect on us. In these instances of glamorized pain we are able to recognize ourselves and our own suffering. Seeing our struggles reflected in popular media as well as the lives of celebrities, lightens the singular burden of our personal pain. “All The Stars Explode Tonight” explores this intersection between the representational world of pop culture and real space, with death as the nexus. Death marks the transition between real and representation, and is the ultimate in human vulnerability. Three projections create vivid thresholds. The videos are comprised of amalgamated imagery from notable celebrity deaths, Christianity, and superstition. This mash-up reflects the collective coping mechanisms we employ to create mystical explanations for concrete reality, elevating the banality of suffering to mythic proportion. In each projection a figure loops in an abject situation, perpetually dying but never fully dead, caught in between the two worlds. The figure is unremarkable in physical appearance, but made divine through scale and bedazzlement. These projections exist inside of frames made of shrink-wrapped stuffed animals and fake flowers, referencing the impromptu memorials which appear outside of the homes and death sites of celebrities after their passing. The plastic surface of these objects distorts their appearance and suspends them in a space that is neither alive nor dead. The result is a conflation of glamour and mortality which captures a complex moment in our human experience. This multi-dimensional spectacle confuses the viewer’s sense of space and time and places them on the edge of a space that is equal parts shallow and deep. Here they may choose to bask at the glittering surface or dive down into the depths of the implied trauma.

Bachelors of Fine Art Thesis Installation at Cleveland Institute of Art

© Ben Eberle