don’t talk to me or my son ever again (please)

Performed at Chatham University as Part of the SculptureX Conference

Nothing Gold Can Stay

an elegy for every goldfish I have ever known
Performed at Conundrum Co-Op at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts
thus spake stupid

Performed at Short Form at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts

Two Divorced Moms (2DM!) was collaboration with fellow performance artist Marcia Custer from 2016-2021, which follows the lives of recent divorcées Peg and Deb as they explore having it all, losing it, and clawing their way back to self-acceptance. Peg and Deb love to Talk and Show and did both in front of a live studio audience at SPACES gallery in Cleveland, as well as live on Youtube During the Covid Shutdown of 2020

© Ben Eberle